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    Stendker Discus Fish

    Our discus are reared in tap water! Yes, you read that right - no water conditioner, no softener, no chemicals, no need to worry about water hardness. They grow to great size (over 8 inches fully grown) and reproduce in simple tap water. In our opinion, they are the hardiest discus fish available. 

    The most important thing for keeping healthy and happy discus fish is fresh aquarium water. The easiest way to be sure the water quality is up to par, is to make substantial (1/4 or more) water changes once a week. This insures clean, well-oxygenated conditions for your discus, helping them to grow, be active and reach their full potential.

    It is also essential to feed discus a variety foods. Frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, beef heart and tropical fish flake are good sources of protein and other nutrients.

    The discus we offer come from the only importer of Stendker Discus in the U.S. You will not find better prices anywhere online. If you do, we'll match the price!