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    The Aquarist is the passion of tropical fish enthusiasts who were frustrated by the lack of truly exotic tropical fish in the marketplace.

    Our local pet stores and the big chains only carried the usual fare: african lake cichlids, livebearers, gold fish, etc. Outlets for peaceful South American fish and rarely seen species are pretty much non-existent in our area.

    We talked to numerous hobbyists and shops and found that a lot of people were encountering the same problem. We even found some hobbyists that had no access to tropical fish at all, let alone rare species.

    With this in mind, we decided to start a company that imports tropical fish to increase hobbyist access to quality exotic strains. Since we wanted to reach everyone, we knew an online store was the way to go and TheAquarist.com was born.

    We started with three goals in mind: to promote the hobby, provide a diverse range of quality tropical fish species at a low cost, and to become a leader in the tropical fish industry. We still work toward these goals everyday.

    The main focus of the site is peaceful South American cichlids, dwarf cichlids and other types of fish that do well in planted tanks. However, we have an extensive list with thousands of fish species that is available upon request.

    Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to providing you with the quality tropical fish for years to come.

    We welcome all feedback and questions.


    Sam DeCroes
    Founder, The Aquarist