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    When you get fish shipped to your door the biggest priority is getting them out of the bag and into your tank. 

    During transit, fish excrete waste and CO2. When the bag is cut open and air is introduced, the water becomes much more toxic to the fish. 

    For this reason, we recommend the "plop and drop" method of acclimating fish. In a nutshell that means - open the bag, pour out the shipping water and place the fish in your tank.

    Before you start, it's a good idea to turn off your aquarium light. After you add them, give the fish a few hours to relax and acclimate themselves to the new environment. 

    1. Examine the bag for DOAs. If there are any, take a clear picture of the dead fish in the bag. Please read our live arrival guarantee

    2. Cut the bags open. We double bag (at least) so you will have to cut through a few bags.

    3. Take an appropriately sized net and wet it with some tank water. This will help keep the slime coat intact.

    4. Hold the net over a bucket and pour the contents of the bag though the net. 

    5. Take your fish and gently place them in your tank.